The Christian Community was founded in Switzerland in 1922 by a Lutheran pastor who was well-known for his ministry and as an author, Dr Friedrich Rittelmeyer, along with 44 others, including three women. This group, who became the first ordained priests consisted mainly of theologians and young students. They felt unhappy with what they saw as a barren religious climate in those times just after the First World War and wanted to realise the life-renewing qualities which they felt Christianity could and should have.

Indispensable help was given to them by the Austrian philosopher, Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925), then a well-known lecturer and writer on spiritual knowledge. Though he did not see it as his task to found churches or religions he assisted Dr Friedrich Rittelmeyer and the others to found The Christian Community as a Movement for Religious Renewal where the Sacraments and religious life can be approached anew out of a deepened understanding and with heart.

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