The Christian Community

Aims and Activities

The aim of The Christian Community is the renewal of Christian religious life. Our religious life is founded on the Resurrection. In all our churches a picture of the Risen Christ hangs above the altar at which the services are celebrated.

The congregation gathers to celebrate the renewed form of Holy Communion, The Act of Consecration of Man. This unusual name expresses that we can become true human beings through the blessing, the consecration, of Christ, which He gives to those who strive to see, to know and to follow Him.

In addition to The Act of Consecration of Man, The Christian Community celebrates 6 other Sacraments – deeds which call on the blessing and strength of God at key moments in human life : Baptism, Confirmation, Sacramental Consultation, Marriage, Ordination, and at the end of life, Anointing followed by the Funeral and Memorial Service.

Care is taken to prepare those involved so that the sacraments can be received with both reverence and understanding.

Festivals for adults and children, talks, conferences and study groups stimulate active involvement in the religious life.

For children between the age of 7 and 14 there is a Sunday Service. Religious instruction is offered to children of school age and Confirmation classes are held for 13 to 14 year olds.

A Non-Dogmatic Approach…

The Christian Community takes a non-dogmatic approach to Christianity. We make no claims to be the only means of salvation.

There is no theology or belief system in need of being accepted on the way to communion; only an inner sincerity and openness of heart are needed.

As thinkers we are all explorers and questions are welcomed. What matters most is to be open to the Word that is proclaimed in the Bible and spoken in the Services.

For Further Information

A number of books and pamphlets about The Christian Community and the sacraments are available in the Forest Row church book corner. Alternatively, see

The website of The Christian Community in Great Britain and Ireland is