Calendar of Events


29th September Friday, 7.30pm

30th September Saturday

1st October Sunday 11.30-12.30pm

Michaelmas Conference – How on Earth can we Forgive?

Talk by Marian Partington – sister of a victim of Fred and Rosemary West.

Presentations, artistic activities and conversation.

For more information please download the conference leaflet here: Forgiveness Conference


1st October Sunday, 3.30pm Michaelmas Festival for Families
5th October Thursday, 5:30-6:45pm Geometry as Prayer – a presentation by Daniel Docherty
7th October Saturday, 9am



Die Menschenweihehandlung

Reading for those who have died

Evening service for those who have died

8th October Sunday, 11.30am Members’ Meeting
15th October Sunday, 11.30am The Sacrament of Marriage for Gianna Grillo and Trevor Smith
20th October Friday, 8pm James Turrel and David Batchelor

Two Journeys Towards Light

Illustrated talk by Deborah Ravetz

22nd October Sunday, 11.30am Looking at the Altar Space II

with Richard Heys

23rd -27th October Synod in Edinburgh

All services (inc. 28th October) cancelled

28th October Saturday, 6pm Memorial Evening for those who have died
29th October Sunday, 11.30am The Soul’s Journey after Death

Pearl Goodwin

3rd-5th November Annual Meeting in Canterbury

The Will to Heal

For more details please visit this page

11th November Saturday,




Ashdown Festival

Crafts Workshop

Family Concert: Thorne Trio

Afternoon Concert: Cassius Trio

12th November Sunday, 11.30am “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God!”

Martin Luther and 500 years of Reformation

19th November Sunday, 11.30am Open Congregational Meeting
21st November Tuesday, 8pm The Priesthood of all Believers

Martin Luther’s message for us

Tom Ravetz

2nd December Saturday, 9am


Die Menschenweihehandlung

Evening Service with Sermon to prepare for Advent
Tom Ravetz

3rd December Sunday, 3.30pm Advent Garden

For Children and Families