Volunteering / Care Groups

About our Care Groups

The Christian Community thrives through the active contribution of members and friends. In addition to financial support, many of the members and friends of The Christian Community in Forest Row help practically. The congregation has a lively collection of care groups made up of people who regularly take on one or more tasks as well as the occasional help from volunteers to make our sacramental and social life possible.

By working together, people in the care groups ensure that the services and sacraments can take place and also contribute to the development of our shared congregational life. The work of each individual contributes to the beauty, richness and ‘soul’ of our efforts for religious and community renewal in the world.

The Christian Community welcomes everyone irrespective of their background. The volunteers who carry out the various tasks include newcomers as well as those with a long history of involvement with the Forest Row congregation.

Your help would be welcomed in whatever capacity you would like to contribute. If you would like to help, please contact us.

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